People and dogs have co existed for the last 12,000 years, we co exist so well because both of us live in a pack or family, we are both social creatures that communicate within a group and we are also both creatures of habit.

The biggest mistake people make is not respecting a dog for being just that a dog, instead they treat them like a human and in doing so they inadvertently can create all types of unwanted behaviours.

I do believe that dogs who are brought into the family dynamic do require guidance and leadership in order to know and understand how they are to behave within the family dynamic. Dogs aren't born knowing how we want them to behave, it needs to be learned.

I also believe that every dog requires a different level of leadership and guidance as well and if the appropriate level of leadership and guidance is not given then a dog can start to display signs of anxiety, stress, insecurity and even become aggressive towards other animals and unknown people.

My role as a Canine Behaviourist is to educate and train people, its not about training the dog but training the people!