Some of the dog training services I offer are the following:

Group Dog Obedience Classes - Christchurch and Rangiora
Theses dog training classes are held in both Christchurch and Rangiora in a group environment within a hall. They are perfect for socializing your dog around other dogs and also for your dog to get used to distractions. Dog training classes are held in 4 week courses in Rangiora and Christchurch. Please see "Classes" page for more information.

***NEW*** Fun Agility Classes - Rangiora
These classes are run in 4 week courses and are held at The Rangiora Show Grounds in the Oval Arena. They are a great way to to teach your dog new exercises in a fun and relaxed environment. Please see the "Classes" page for more information.

One – on – One for Dog Behavioural Problems
I will come to your home and go through techniques on how to solve specific dog behavioural problems and talk about the underlying reasons why these occur. Please contact me for One-on-one dog behaviour training prices.

One – on – One for Dog Obedience Training
I will come to your home and demonstrate with your dog how to achieve the four basic dog obedience exercises of “Sit”, “Stay”, “Coming back when called” and “Heeling on Lead”. Please contact me for One-on-one dog training prices.

Specialising in Rehabilitation of Aggressive Dogs
In most instances aggression can be successfully corrected in the dog’s home, once the owners know how to deal with the problem. There are some instances where it is more beneficial for the dog to be taken out of its environment. In this instance the dog is given regular contact with balanced dogs and goes through an intensive rehabilitation program. The rehabilitated dog can then be transferred into its home environment, once the owners have become committed Pack Leaders.

Dog Database for Commercial and Movie Work
From time to time we are approached by the Advertising or Movie industry to produce particular breeds of dogs for commercial or movie work. We currently have a dog database which we are continually adding too. Some of our most recent ads include Mainland Butter with Snowy the Border Collie (Aired in NZ), Samsung supporting Guide Dog Training (Aired in Japan), Suzuki (Aired in NZ), Purina One Beyond Dog Food (Aired all round the world)and "Kidzone" Series 6 (Aired in NZ) featuring my own dog "Max". Please contact me for further details.