Two and a half years ago I had an out of control 6 month old puppy. He had many bad habits; running away, fussy eating and worst of all leaving his calling card all through the house.

I was a first time dog owner and adored my Pup, but was at the end of my tether. I contacted Julie and within a few days of a one hour training session for both Bentley and I, our behaviours had improved.

We began attending a group training one night a week which has been great for socialising Bentley with all breeds and sizes of dogs.

I now have a second very timid Pup and we both also attend a weekly session which has been amazing for his confidence.

Thanks Julie, you really help make owning dogs a truly pleasurable experience.

Sandie, Bentley and Enzo

Steve and I are the happy owners of a black border collie cross by the name of Molly. Molly was a pound special when we got her in 2005. By a pound special, I mean she was a delightful little dog, about 5 months old, full of love, energy, curiosity and mischief. BUT, very, very determined.

Initially, her mischievous little habits were so cute. Chasing ducks till she dropped with exhaustion, dashing off to the other side of the park to greet other dogs, treating the lead like a tug of war, climbing over any fence that we cared to build, extend or modify. She is just a puppy we said; she will grow out of it we said. FAMOUS LAST WORDS.

ENTER JULIE. On meeting Julie and her beautifully behaved dogs, we knew we had met the right person. With a calm, gentle but very effective approach Julie brought Molly to heel. She taught us a number of techniques to apply to Molly’s behaviour. She spent a lot of time with us individually and continued to provide support by phone as we put them into practice. We were impressed with her quick assessment of our problems and by how quickly Molly improved once we began to work with her.

Although there is the occasional slip, Molly is now really a joy to have. We can whole heartedly recommend Julie as someone of considerable experience and knowledge. She is open, warm and very approachable. I suspect that you, like us will find that your dog can be better behaved than you thought possible.

Steve, Wendy and Molly

Imagine my delight when I was offered a pure bred black Labrador puppy. I had owned dogs all my life and had also competed in agility so thought how wonderful a lovely, laid back, trainable Labrador. How hard could it be?

We welcomed Roxie into our lives at the age of 8 weeks only to find out she was the black version of Marley (you may have seen the movie Marley and Me). She assumed all the rules did not apply to her, was into everything and was very food obsessed. Roxie tended to get away with a fair bit in the early stages as she was very cute and everyone made a fuss of her. By the age of 6 months she had turned into a right spoilt brat and had decided by then she was the pack leader in our family, she had also become very dominant. This also resulted in her attacking our other dog which is also very dominant.

I needed help….

Julie came to the rescue. I started with a couple of classes then had Julie come to our place for a one on one session. What a difference this session made. Julie offered many firm solutions to our problems and restored peace to our home once again. This is not the end of the story. I enjoyed obedience classes with Julie so much that I have continued with them. Thanks to Julie I now have an extremely well trained, obedient dog that is ready to start competitions in the near future.

Bronnie and Roxie

After attending puppy classes at our local vet, we were recommended Julie Donovan's classes.

We went along to a Monday class, which I will never forget. Enzo our 16 week staffy puppy was a huge ball of energy not to mention stubborn!!. I was at my wits end and unsure how I was ever going to walk Enzo in public, let alone come back next week. Julie was amazing she educates you the owner by giving positive advice, hands on support and the rest just falls into place. The first week has turned into two years,now weekly one on one sessions.

Enzo is a pleasure, a huge part of our family thanks to Julie we are both well trained!!

We recommend Julie to all owners - A must.

Joy & Enzo